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Recently, as an important sub venue of the China Internet Conference, the Henan sub venue of the 19th China Internet Conference 2020 (and the development forum of artificial intelligence and big health industry) was held in Zhengzhou. As an innovative representative enterprise in the field of "Ai + medical" informatization, E-techco (Anycheck health) was invited to attend the meeting. With the support of chairman and CEO Mr. Zhang guanjing, Dr. Ge Xinke, co-founder and CTO of E-techco group, Ms. Fu Xiangling, general manager of North China, Mr. Wu Guifeng, Deputy Marketing Director and Mr. Fan Zhihui attended the meeting. Dr. Ge Xinke, CTO, delivered a keynote speech on "Ai enabled clinical informatization construction" at the conference, and reported to the leading experts attending the meeting the construction plan of the internet enabled smart hospital by the application of artificial intelligence technology by E-techco (Anycheck health).

Leaders in charge of China Academy of information and communications, China Internet association, China Internet health industry alliance, Henan health commission, Henan Communication Administration Bureau and other units attended the conference and delivered speeches. Academicians and famous experts and scholars engaged in relevant research in the field of medical and health were invited to give keynote speeches, and representatives of international organizations and Chinese and foreign exchanges were invited. Leading figures of networking enterprises, well-known foreign experts and scholars, professors of domestic universities and presidents of tertiary hospitals attended the meeting, and held the unveiling ceremony for the establishment of Henan internet medical and health industry alliance, which was the beginning of the exchange and collision of ideas, and insight into the development trend of the Internet. This conference will set up six theme plates, including science and technology war "service", 5G and new infrastructure, information consumption, Internet Governance and international cooperation, industrial internet and big data. It will bring together experts from all fields to present their wisdom and share a thinking feast spanning time and space, leading to the next phenomenal innovation and reform in the field of internet.

In his speech, Dr. Ge Xinke, CTO of ETEC (safety testing health), discussed the application progress of artificial intelligence technology in the field of medical and health care with the leaders and colleagues in the medical and health field at this stage, and showed the whole process of intelligent health management platform based on AI technology, intelligent community health care platform, cloud information management platform of smart hospital, and smart hospital Smart image assisted interpretation platform, intelligent traditional Chinese medicine auxiliary interpretation platform and other flagship products and solutions, reported the E-techco (Anycheck health) typical construction plans in Xi'an Jiaotong University First Affiliated Hospital and university hospital, Huazhong University of science and Technology Shenzhen Union Medical College Hospital, Guangzhou University of traditional Chinese medicine six affiliated hospitals, the First Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of traditional Chinese medicine, PLA 301 Hospital (Navy General Hospital) and Shenzhen, the seventh and eighth affiliated hospitals of Sun Yat sen University, several affiliated hospitals of Southern Medical University, Shenzhen General Hospital of South University of science and technology, Shenzhen Affiliated Hospital of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Affiliated Hospital of Shenzhen University, Beijing Puren Hospital, Beijing sixth hospital, etc.

Dr. Ge said that E-techco (Anycheck health) will continue to adhere to technology guidance and innovation driven, increase investment in scientific research and development, and gather multiple forces to explore human physiology and pathology and improve the level of medical diagnosis and treatment by means of life science, information technology and artificial intelligence, integrate innovative technology into medical health, and let internet technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing serve the cause of human health!

Finally, Dr. Ge expressed his gratitude to the guidance and support received from Henan Provincial Health Commission, Henan Communication Administration, Henan internet medical and health industry alliance, Henan collaborative innovation center of internet medical and health services, Henan Provincial People's Hospital, the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Henan Provincial University of traditional Chinese medicine (Henan Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine) , E-techco (Anycheck health) hopes to work together with the major hospitals in Henan Province and the whole country to promote the mutual integration, innovation and support of life science and information science in the medical and health field, so as to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and efficiency of clinical medicine and benefit the people's health!












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